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Definition of Time Management

What is time management? There are several definitions out there. Simply put, time management is the art of arranging your business and personal affairs in such a way that you and your things show up when, where, and how you've intended them to, as frequently, effortlessly, and ubiquitously as possible, and to facilitate getting things done as quickly as possible with the least amount of resources (time, energy, money, and people) necessary.

"Things" can include physical files and papers, computer files, appointment reminders, and lists of things to do now or maybe in the future, books to read, people to call, errands to run, etc.

The term "time management" is a very interesting term to me. It's a misnomer, because when you get right down to it, you can't really manage time. Let me explain.

What is the definition of time? There have been many different definitions from great philosophers and thinkers throughout man's history trying to get a handle on just exactly what time is.

Think about it for a moment. There is no past: it is concrete, fixed, set in stone, unchangeable. The past does not exist. It happened, but it does not exist in this present moment. The past only "exists" as a mental construct in our mind, not in the physical universe.

The future has yet to arrive, so it doesn't exist either. It too only exists in our mind, not in the physical universe.

The only part of 'time' that truly exists is in this eternal present moment — NOW. That's it! Time seemingly moves, but it really doesn't. In reality, there is only NOW.

So if there is no past and there is no future, how can we possibly manage something (time) that doesn't exist???

Without going too far down the rabbit hole, let's keep it simple.

According to Albert Einstein, arguably the smartest man who ever lived, the definition of time is 'the occurrence of events, one after the other.' Let's go with his definition for now.

If this is true, then we need to stop thinking 'time management' and start thinking 'event control.' That's where effective time management tips and skills come in to play.

The importance of time management for success in your life can not be overstated. It is one of the most important and foundational "personal growth modules" you need to master or at least get very good at. If you haven't made it a priority in the past, when would NOW be a good time to commit to mastering time management skills?

No one is born a time management expert. It's a learned skill. That's the good news. You can change your habits. You can learn how to manage your time better. And now that you have this web site at your disposal, there are no excuses!

You are not stuck in any way, unless you tell yourself that you are and believe it. Your beliefs are extremely powerful. What you tell yourself over and over and believe drives your behavior. The best time management tips in the world won't help you if you believe that you're always late or you'll never get your stuff together or "That's just the way I am," etc.

I wasn't always organized or proficient at time management. I would lose my keys all the time. I used to file by piles. But I learned over time.

At first I dabbled with time management. I got some results, but they weren't consistent or long-lasting. When the pain (frustration and anger) finally got high enough (threshold) from too many piles on my desk, boxes of stuff that weren't organized, and wasting tons of time unsuccessfully looking for things (aarrh!), etc., I decided that enough was enough.

Maybe you're in a similar situation. If so, use the pain and frustration of not having it together to motivate you to continue on your journey to time management mastery.

I knew a little about goal setting, so I decided to set the goal of mastering time management skills. I read time management books, attended seminars, and listened to audio programs. Eventually I became a professional speaker teaching time management at public seminars all around the United States and Canada. Teaching time management taught me more than just about anything else.

One of the best ways to master anything is to teach it to others. If you want to master time management, or anything else for that matter, as quickly as possible, I would highly recommend that you teach it to others.

Teach what you learn here to your children, coworker(s), or anyone who will listen. It will help you tremendously.

Teaching is a great way to really get what ever you're trying to learn/master. Only when you can explain something to someone else to the degree that that person fully understands it, do you know it.

Where to begin?

After you've read the Definition of Time Management, continue with the Time Management Tips section. There you will find a treasure trove of valuable information to help you build a solid foundation with time tested 'values based' time management strategies, as well as How To Kick Time Leaches In The Butt and much more.

A frequent request at my seminars is prioritizing. It this interests you and/or you want to get better at prioritizing, then you'll definitely want to check out the How To Define Your Life Purpose, and Defining Your Values sections.

It you're too overwhelmed by everything to be clear enough to concentrate and think about the 'big picture' stuff, then maybe you should begin by getting organized. Clear the decks, so to speak.

Where ever you decide to begin, just begin. Nothing happens without action. The hardest part is getting started. Once you do, you will put into motion momentum which will help carry you though.

Even if you only commit to 15 minutes a day for the next 12 months, or 6 months, or 30 days, it will make a positive difference in your life.

It's all here for your learning pleasure. Pace yourself. It takes time to learn new things and change old habits. But 12 months will happen whether you decide to commit to 15 (or more) minutes per day or not. The question is, "Where do you want to be in 12 months? Where you are today? Or further down the road?"

Take all the time you need but don't wait too long.

"A year from now
you will wish you had started today."

— Karen Lamb

We'll be here when you're ready.

I wish you blessings of success and happiness in all that you do.

Enjoy the process!
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David Humes
Time Management and Happiness Expert

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Definition of Time Management

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"I am definitely going to take a course on time management…just as soon as I can work it into my schedule."

— Louis E. Boone

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